The Challenge

It was October the 6th that Jennifer and I went to a fundraiser for a charity called Tearfund  where the youngest contestant of "The Great British Bakeoff" was a guest, at a church in Edinburgh. It was at this fundraiser that we were inspired to bake. It was at that fundraiser that the idea emerged for a baking challenge to raise money for this charity who fights against poverty.

The challenge: To bake all 120 recipes in Martha Collison's recipe book called "Twist" in one year to raise money for Tearfund. 

This challenge is no easy feat!! We are students here, and therefore we are dedicating some time each week to bake.

And so we want you to support us by:

  • Spreading the word about what Tearfund does for those in poverty!!
  • Donating to our giving page 
  • Praying for those who are living in poverty

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